SINDIA has successfully completed the final acceptance test for Shanghai Hong Yang 500KV over-length cables

On December 14, 2017, with a burst of warm applause at test site, SINDIA successfully completed the final acceptance test for Shanghai Hong Yang 500KV over-length cables.

The single core section of the Hong Yang 500kV high-voltage cable line is 2,500mm2 and the total length of the cable circuit is 14.6km. The final acceptance and withstand voltage test for such over-length 500kV cable line both are carried out for first time in the domestic and international environment, in which, a great challenge is presented for the cable test equipment, test technology, on-site installation and assembling.

In order to successfully complete this test, SINDIA appointed the professional staff in the technology, engineering, testing and marketing department to form an experienced and ability-prominent project implementation team under the personal leadership of general manager Xiao, and carried out the careful plans for all aspects in accordance with the Hong Yang Project Test features and on the basis of the successful experiences on the  500kV Cable Test in Haidian District, Beijing City.

During test, SINDIA, the electric power company and the construction unit exerted their cohesion, overcame difficulties and made their common efforts and successfully completed the final acceptance test for one hour under test voltage 1.7U0 and 493kV by series - parallel connection of 8 German HighVolt WRV83/260T Variable Frequency Resonance System. The maximum test current is up to 292A, and the testing Q value is kept in more than 132 under the condition of continuous work.

The leaders from the State Grid Corporation of China and Shanghai Municipal Electric Power Company paid close attention to this test; During test, the relevant leaders visited the construction site and provided their guidance. 

The test success indicates that the 500kV Over-length Cable Withstand Voltage Test Technology has acquired a great breakthrough, which may be successfully applied in the future engineering project. It also indicates that SINDIA's technology, service and on-site management abilities in the extra-high voltage and over-length cable withstand voltage test have risen to a new and world-leading height.


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