Milestones of SINDIA


      ■ In 2016, SINDIA participated G20 Summit power supply guarantee, and completed the completion and handover test of the longest 220kV submarine cable in China.
      ■ In 2015, SINDIA produced its cable partial discharge product series independently, and some of its self-produced partial discharge projects won the Second Prize of State Grid Award for Scientific & Technological Advancement, the First Prize of Award for Scientific & Technological Advancement of Shanghai Municipal Electric Power Company, and the Second Prize of Shanghai Science & Technology Award.

      ■ In 2014, SINDIA assisted in the commissioning test of 500kV city power grid cable with the strongest dielectric strength in Haidian District, Beijing
      ■ In 2013, SINDIA installed the partial discharge online monitoring system in 500kV cable line in Shanghai
      ■ In 2012, SINDIA installed the first partial discharge monitoring system of distribution network switch cabinet in Xiamen.
      ■ In 2012, SINDIA joined the CIGRE GIS Partial Discharge Monitoring Work Group (WGB3.24)
      ■ In 2011, SINDIA installed the first high voltage cable distributed partial discharge monitoring system in Nanjing.
      ■ In 2010, SINDIA participated in the line detection before the Asian Games opened in Guangzhou, and won praise. 
     ■ In 2009, Assist Beijing Power Bureau in ensuring the successful power supply transmission for Beijing National Day 60th Celebration and was awarded with an Honorary Banner for its contribution
    ■ In 2008, Asssit Beijing power bureau in the compaign of “Power Guarantte for Olympic Games” and was awarded an honoroury banner of “Selfishless Contribution to Olympic Games with Reliable Technologies”
    ■ In 2007, Take part in construction of china’s first cable-net operation monitoring center.  The center was put into operation in the year and appraised as being international advance level by assessment experts.
    ■ In 2006, Annual sales exceed CNY 100 million
    ■ In 2005, Market launch of partial discharge detector AE900
    ■ In 2004, First to import 220kV cable on-line temperature measuring system (Hang Zhou)
    ■ In 2003, Enter Hong Kong market (Chian Power)
    ■ In 2003, Provide test equipment to China’s first operating super-conductive cable line
    ■ In 2002, Nominated as a member of China association of electric and mechanic engineering
    ■ In 2001, First to produce in China the insulating oil tester that meets IEC standard
    ■ In 2000, First to import varying frequency resonance HV test system (Beijing), conduct field test of 220kV cable – first time in china
    ■ In 1999, Production of dew point detector – DP99, the best of the kind in China
    ■ In 1998, Initiate independent R&D
    ■ In 1997, Start to carry out SFmeasurements
    ■ In 1996, First to import gis partial discharge diagnosis system (ZhengZhou)
    ■ In 1995, First to import very low frequency cable inspection and diagnosis system and cable fault location vihecle (Bao Steel)