Annual calibration services for SINDIA's instruments

In line with the principle of science, equity, quality and efficiency, SINDIA provides customers with annual calibration services for SF6 gas and insulating oil test instruments that have been already sold, making it receive high praise in the industry.

Ø Zero distance to customers--SINDIA provides annual calibration services flexibly and meet demands of different customers. For instruments that can only be calibrated on site, SINDIA will provide on-site services.

Ø Rapid responses to customers--It will only take five working days to make calibration. For any accident, urgent services are available.

Ø High quality assurance--SINDIA has engaged in annual instrument calibration for 20 years in strict accordance with Metrology Law of the People's Republic of China, and has carried out follow-up and implementation of national metrological verification regulations, calibration specifications and relevant standards in the long term.