After-sales maintenance service for SINDIA instruments

SINDIA will provide high-quality and perfect maintenance services for all products that have been sold already. For the purpose of improving technical services, SINDIA has established a quality assurance system in strict accordance with ISO9001, and meanwhile it has formulated detailed after-sales service standards and procedures to ensure best service quality, so as to make customers satisfied.

After-sales service commitment:

Ø Damaged instruments (except man-made damages and damages caused by force majeure) that are under warranty will be replaced or maintained for free; and parts that are damaged due to man-made and force majeure factors will be replaced only with cost charge.

Ø When warranty is expired, products will be offered with lifelong after-sales services while cost will be chargedfor parts replacement.

Ø  For each after-sales maintenance service, SINDIA will ask users for feedback and establish a special user profile to guarantee service quality.