Online PD Monitoring in Shanghai 500 kV Power Cable

500kV Cable Partial Discharge Online Monitoring System was installed and put into operation from July to October of 2013. There are 159 measurement points and each joint is equipped with partial discharge collector, and the 159 collectors shall be connected end to end through the optical fiber. The partial discharge measurement mainframe shall be installed in the substation while the monitoring and warning system shall be installed in the cable centralized control center.


The distributed partial discharge monitoring system data of 500kv cable line has now uploaded to PMS system of State Grid. The science and technology project declared based on the project has won the second prize of Science and Technology Progress Award of State Grid, first prize of Science and Technology Progress Award of Shanghai Municipal Electric Power Company and second prize of Shanghai Science and Technology Award.

The partial discharge monitoring system of 500kV detected the signal of suspected partial discharge in 2015. After the signal monitoring for a period of time, comparison of the signal near the joints and the assisted verification of other charged partial discharge detection methods, the discharge signal occurred is confirmed as related to the disturbance of the tunnel lighting circuit, which is classified as external interference signal.