On-site Measurement

SINDIA has always been an industrial leader in cable testing and monitoring, and insulation diagnosing and positioning.
The first to introduce AC variable frequency resonance test system to conduct the first 220kV cable on-site test in China;

The first to introduce cable distributed fiber temperature detection system to operate 220kV cable in China;
Successfully putting the first Shanghai Expo 500kV cable tunnel partial discharge online monitoring system in China;

The first to conduct dielectric and distributed partial discharge completion test on 500kV cable;
Being the No.1 in the world shows that the company has advanced technology, leading concepts, and strong capabilities, which makes it an expert in the industry.

In the past six years, we have assisted power companies in:

Over 30 dissections, detecting defects in cable outdoor terminals, GIS terminals, cable joints, cable bodies, protectors, etc.
Dissecting and verifying defects of insulation scratch, semi-conducting layer scratch, semi-conducting layer drop, metal sheath poor contact, insulation surface flashover, foreign matters on conductors, failure of protectors, etc.

Replacing over 30 joints and over 10km cable.
Detecting electrical treeing spectrogram on site.

SINDIA provide the following On-site measurement:

 On site Portable Detector PD Measurement
 Short-term on line PD Monitoring On site
 Short-term PD Monitoring On Site for GIS
 PD Measurement System on Voltage Test - 500kV Cable Lines
 PD Measurement System on Voltage Test - Cable Lines
 PD Detecting for MV Cable Lines
 PD Detecting for Distribution Switch Cabinet