SINDIA Completes Handover Test Over Domestic Longest 220KV Submarine Cable Line and Gets Achievements

The Jiangsu Dongtai 200MW Offshore Wind Power project was one of the first privileged offshore wind power projects with approval of the state. The first wind turbine is planned to generate electricity at the end of the year 2016, and  the  entire project will put into production in 2017.  200kV photoelectric composite submarine cables, which are 102km in total length and 34km in single length, are adopted for the power transmission of the wind farm. This line is the longest 220kV submarine cable transmission line at home presently.

Relying on rich experiences in handover tests of EHV cable and submarine cable and the optimal technical proposals, on 24th November, 2016, SINDIA participated and completed the AC frequency conversion voltage-endurable handover test of the “220kV photoelectric composite submarine cables of Jiangsu Dongtai 200MW Offshore Wind Power Project”, where the test voltage was up to 216kV (1.7U0) and the test current was 154A.
This is SINDIA’s another major achievement in EHV cable handover test after the participation and completion of the on-site completion test of Beijing Haidian 500kV cable project in June, 2014.

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